Flagship high performance single step intelligent computer sewing machine
Rotational speed : 5000
Machine needle : DB*1#9-18
Needle gauge : 0-7
Foot Height : 5.5-15
Weight(kg) : 46kg

ABTouch integrated high end sewing machine(FF-X)

Technical features:

1. Intelligent touch control system: the latest and most advanced intelligent touch control system 270mm * 81mm full LCD screen, system upgrade, simple operation, support USB charging, support voice navigation, practical at the same time, the overall sense of vision is stronger.

2. The use of integrated turret makes the thread cutting performance more stable.

3. Through shaft housing design: make the overall sound lighter and more stable.

4. New electronic loosening function: compared with the traditional wire rope loosening function, the stability is better.

5. Oil supply structure of oil line plate: it can effectively control the oil supply quantity of casing.

6. Vortex cooling fan: significantly improve the motor cooling effect, more efficient and safer.

7. Selection of hidden pin code lock: better reinforcement of needle distance, making the whole more beautiful.

8. Selected high-grade copper sleeve: more wear-resistant, durable, anti inte

9. Chassis Wireless Design: more effective to prevent power cord damage, practical and beautiful.

Applicable object:

Optimize the thread take-up rod and feeding structure, further expand the sewing range, thick and thin, suitable for the sewing of lace, down jacket, jeans, tweed, leather and other medium and thin fabrics.