Flagship high performance single step intelligent computer sewing machine
Rotational speed : 5000
Machine needle : DB*1#9-18
Needle gauge : 0-7
Foot Height : 5.5-15
Weight(kg) : 46kg

High speed computer double needle flat sewing(FM-842)




Sewing machine

Product name

High speed computer double needle flat sewing

Stitch type

Quilting machine



Number of stitches

Double needle

Number of machine heads

Single head

Number of lines

Four lines

Scope of application

Thin, medium and thick materials

Driving form

Direct drive / computer

Applicable Institute


Degree of automation


Packing volume


Packing weight


Technical features:
The machine adopts double straight needle, rotary shuttle thread hook and sliding rod thread take-up to form two lines of double lock stitch; the needle rod adopts mechanical separation and combination, the upper and lower shafts adopt ball bearing, synchronous toothed belt drive, plunger type oil pump lubrication system, adopts needle rod swing and feeding tooth synchronous feeding mode, knob type standard plate to adjust needle distance and lever type reverse feeding mechanism, and the stitches in the shuttle core are pulled back The spring ensures the consistent sewing effect between the bottom thread and the top thread.

Applicable object:
High quality sewing of coats, uniforms, jeans, bags, raincoats; decorative sewing, etc.

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