Flagship high performance single step intelligent computer sewing machine
Rotational speed : 5000
Machine needle : DB*1#9-18
Needle gauge : 0-7
Foot Height : 5.5-15
Weight(kg) : 46kg

Miter car(FL-2284)

Technical features:

1. This machine adopts a new type of rotary thread adjusting rod, which can get high quality and perfect stitch even under low tension.
2. The left and right positions of the rotary hook are equal when the thread is hooked, which can prevent the jumper and the broken wire. For retractable fabrics, a small amount of presser foot lifting device will make the presser foot float gently, and then sew. The stitches are neat and beautiful.
3. The specially designed winder is fast and convenient to use, and the automatic oil supply system makes the service life of the machine longer.
4. It can realize straight sewing, two-step three-point zigzag sewing, three-step four point zigzag sewing and 11 kinds of pattern sewing by changing the cam, which greatly improves the use and production efficiency of the machine.

Applicable object:

It is suitable for making straight seam, curved seam and patchwork seam on elastic cloth, medium thickness and thin material, and for T-shirt, underwear, hat, swimsuit, glove, leather case, etc.