Flagship high performance single step intelligent computer sewing machine
Rotational speed : 5000
Machine needle : DB*1#9-18
Needle gauge : 0-7
Foot Height : 5.5-15
Weight(kg) : 46kg

Cylinder stretch sewing machine(FM-1500)




Flat seaming machine

Product name

Cylinder stretch sewing machine

Stitch type

Stretch stitch



Number of stitches

Three needles

Number of machine heads

Single head

Number of lines

Five cable

Scope of application

Thin, medium and thick materials

Driving form


Applicable Institute


Degree of automation

Fully automatic

Packing volume


Packing weight


Technical features:

The machine has beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, two groups of synchronous belt transmission, accurate transmission, stable operation, high production efficiency; the lubrication system adopts fully sealed automatic oil supply, convenient refueling, full lubrication, good sealing performance, which is a clean and environmental protection excellent product; the machine only needs to change the needle plate and needle width, which can realize multi-purpose, super value and practical benefits; it is easy to use, and can be used with buttons It's easy to adjust the trace. The machine parts are specially hardened to improve the wear resistance, low vibration, low noise and long service life of the machine. It is equipped with safety protection devices such as finger protection, eye protection and so on.

Applicable object:

It is mainly used for stretch stitching of cotton wool, sweatcloth and similar chemical fiber knitted fabrics. It is suitable for all kinds of special processes of clothing processing, such as sportswear thread pressing, single side pressing, double needle all kinds of layering, clothing neckline, cuff, elastic band. It is more suitable for knitwear, textiles, all kinds of sportswear, swimsuit, rhythmic suit, casual wear, pants, jacket, etc. it is an ideal choice for all kinds of bags, stretch, decorative seams and small caliber tubular products processing.

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